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Drunk driving campaign leads to 9 arrests

Albert Lea police officers took nine people into custody during an anti-DUI campaign held in Freeborn County between Aug. 18 and Sept. 1. Over 300 Minnesota law enforcement agencies took part in the initiative.

According to authorities, one of the defendants was arrested after entering a stranger's house and sitting on a couch. Two others were taken into custody for allegedly driving while under the influence of drugs. Another defendant was charged with first-degree DUI and fleeing in a motor vehicle after trying to elude officers. Meanwhile, another driver was taken into custody for allegedly having a blood alcohol content level of .24, which is three times the legal limit.

Police raid gas station for drugs

In a raid conducted on Aug. 31, the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force searched a Top Star gas station and alleged stash house in Shakopee. Four people were detained when the authorities executed their search warrant.

The gas station is near the Shakopee Police Department on Marshall road, and the stash house is located on Fairbault Court. When searching the two places, the police seized $9,000, two vehicles, 25 grams of THC concentrate and 1.5 pounds of marijuana. The four people involved in this case are suspected for drug possession and sales.

Man accepts plea deal after heroin sale causes overdose

A 28-year-old Minnesota man will likely serve 39 months in prison after pleading guilty to the felony charge of possessing more than 3 grams of heroin. The plea agreement spared him from sentencing for another serious felony of distributing drugs that caused bodily harm.

The 2016 arrest occurred after authorities executed a search warrant at his home in Alexandria on Lark Street. His name emerged from an investigation conducted by the Fergus Falls Police Department and the West Central Minnesota Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force into the near-fatal overdose of a 19-year-old woman. Investigators alleged that he had sold her the heroin that led to her overdose in Fergus Falls on Oak Street. The woman survived after emergency response personnel performed CPR and transported her to a health care facility.

Authorities want harsh sentences in narcotics case

The Polk County Attorney's Office made clear in court filings that it intends to seek aggravated sentencing against three men accused of trafficking narcotics. Convictions on charges of aggravated controlled substance crimes would allow a judge to impose penalties that exceed the normal Minnesota sentencing guidelines.

All three men are 20 years old, and law enforcement arrested them in an investigation that arose after a traffic stop resulted in the arrest of a 22-year-old man from East Grand Forks. Police found him collapsed inside his vehicle. After searching the vehicle, police reported finding blue pills labeled A 215 that they believed to be fentanyl, a powerful opioid linked to a nonfatal overdose in the region.

Card game dispute in St. Cloud prompts stabbing, mallet strike

When you picture a card game gone wrong -- the kind of wrong that leads to violence -- it's easy to imagine a cigar-smoking villain in a saloon. Emotions can run high during a high-stakes hand in any card game, though, and that includes "Magic: The Gathering."

For the uninitiated, "Magic" is an extremely popular trading card and role-playing game in which players imagine themselves to be wizards fighting their stables of magical creatures. Millions of people around the world play its traditional and online versions.

Why you should avoid self-representation in a criminal case

When it comes to criminal charges and DUIs in Minnesota, it is important for you to understand the seriousness of the consequences you face. There are many reasons why you may decide to represent yourself in court. Self-representation is not advisable for every type of legal matter. Even if this is your first DUI/DWI offense, you should not expect to receive any leniency and mercy from the courts. There are far too many factors that can have an adverse impact on your situation.

Before you go to trial, take some time to learn about a few disadvantages of self-representation.

Women drivers, alcohol and DUIs

Many people in Minneapolis are aware that drinking and driving are a dangerous combination. That knowledge is not preventing some of them from receiving DUI charges. According to the Startribune.com, for every seven drivers on the road, one of them has a DUI on their record. Many of those drivers are women. The number of DUI-related arrests for women has increased throughout the years, while the number of male-related offenders has declined. Any woman who decides to drink socially and drive should learn how DUIs can affect her future.

Top 3 reasons you need an attorney when you are facing charges

If you are of legal age, you have every right to go out for a celebratory night with your buddies, enjoy a few beers while you watch the game and relax at a party. However, sometimes a good night out can lead to problems on the way home. Driving under the influence can come with severe consequences, but you may find yourself accused even if your blood alcohol concentration was under the legal limit. No system is perfect, and whether you are innocent or guilty, you should never blindly trust law enforcement officers without an attorney representing your side.

The difference between violent and non-violent crimes

When an individual is charged with a crime, it can fall into two categories in regards to violence: violent and non-violent crimes. The difference between the two is evident in definition, severity and sentences. Non-violent crimes are defined as a crime where no injury or force is used on another person. Non-violent crimes are often measured in terms of loss to the victim or economic damage. Non-violent crimes are most often some type of theft or larceny.

What you should do following a car accident

Picture this: You and your spouse are on your way home from a wedding reception at a local country club. You have had a couple of drinks and should feel relaxed, but instead feel tense because visibility is poor as you drive through a heavy rainstorm on unfamiliar roads. An SUV comes toward you out of the gloom and suddenly you find yourself involved in a car accident. What should you do?

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