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The police and prosecution will stop at nothing to get a guilty verdict. You need a fighter in your corner who will stop at nothing to protect you.

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I have dedicated my career to protecting the rights of people charged with crimes in Minnesota, and I strive to put my clients in a position to succeed today and in the future.

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When your freedom is on the line, results are what matter most. Learn more about my successes representing clients in situations just like yours.

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Aggressive Defense When And Where You Need It

If you are being investigated by law enforcement or charged with a crime, the pressure is on. At Bussa Law, I take on that pressure so you can rest assured that a skilled lawyer is protecting your interests in the justice system.

I am Anthony Bussa, and I represent clients throughout Minnesota who have been accused of criminal conduct. When the odds seem to be against you, you deserve an experienced lawyer fighting for you. I work tirelessly on behalf of my clients, taking calls 24/7, investigating cases until no stone is left unturned, negotiating with prosecutors and preparing cases for trial.

Take your defense by the horns. Call 218-303-5497 to arrange a consultation.

Being Accused Of A Crime Does Not Make You A Criminal

While the police and prosecution are doing everything possible to get a guilty verdict or confession, it is essential to remember that you have rights and you deserve help protecting them. Do not help the opposition convict you. Talk to an attorney first to begin building your defense.

I am not here to judge you; I am here to fight for you. In addition to investigating the charges and protecting your interests, I can help you explore your options for the future — which may involve rehabilitation or treatment — to keep your life moving forward once your case is resolved.

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