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A lawyer is critical in violent crime defense

According to a Pioneer Press News report, a woman was shot four times after honking at another driver for cutting her off on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis. The crime is expected to be an example of road rage. Police are looking for the shooter.

If caught, the shooter could face a number of possible charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and, if the gun was in the shooter's possession illegally, an illegal weapons possession charge.


These are all serious charges that no one should handle alone.

Since most judges and juries will not be favorable or lenient to someone who has allegedly shot someone for honking at them, an aggressive Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer can be a valuable asset in a case like this by:

Advising clients of their rights.

Most people do not know the full extent of their rights in criminal cases, so they make costly mistakes when talking with the police, the prosecutor and judge. An attorney can protect the rights of someone accused, even before the police are involved in some cases, to make sure they do not make mistakes that could cost them their freedom.

Negotiating with the prosecuting attorney.

While technically, anyone accused of a crime can talk with the prosecutor, most people do not know they can do this or they don't know how to do it effectively. Letting the right attorney do this for you can result in reduced charges in many cases.

Getting the case dismissed.

If the facts of the case permit, a good lawyer can often convince a prosecutor to dismiss the charges altogether, letting the accused party go free.

Fighting for the accused in court.

Of course, this is where a skilled lawyer is most important. When the prosecutor decides to move forward with the case, it is important to work with someone who has knowledge and an aggressive approach to defending clients' rights in the courtroom.

Anyone accused of a violent crime should call an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

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