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Top 3 reasons you need an attorney when you are facing charges

If you are of legal age, you have every right to go out for a celebratory night with your buddies, enjoy a few beers while you watch the game and relax at a party. However, sometimes a good night out can lead to problems on the way home. Driving under the influence can come with severe consequences, but you may find yourself accused even if your blood alcohol concentration was under the legal limit. No system is perfect, and whether you are innocent or guilty, you should never blindly trust law enforcement officers without an attorney representing your side.

Lawyers know when evidence should be suppressed or challenged

If a major piece of evidence in your case was obtained illegall y or statements made contradict earlier statements given, an attorney may be able to suppress or challenge the evidence before it is used against you in court. A lawyer also determines if the evidence has followed the proper chain of custody before it is analyzed and used against you. If any mistakes were made along the way, there may be grounds to challenge it.

Lawyers understand the intricacies of a complicated legal system

If you do not have a law degree, you have no business representing yourself as if you do, no matter how minor the charges seem. Without the help of an emotionally detached, trained, knowledgeable attorney, cases often unravel quickly. Many pitfalls common to the justice system can be avoided when you have an advocate who understands the law by your side.

Lawyers known when a plea bargain or settlement is the right way to go

If there is sufficient evidence that you were involved in the crime and you were correctly documented as driving under the influence, a lawyer may be able to help you lessen your sentence with a plea bargain. Attorneys with experience are especially beneficial because they have likely seen cases like yours and can make an educated guess about the outcome. Your lawyer will help you make a well-informed choice about whether your case should go to trial or you should plead before it starts.

At the end of the day, any effort you make to save money by not hiring an attorney can cost you more. Hiring a lawyer guarantees that you have someone on your side who is focused on your future and your best interests. If you have been charged with DUI or other crime, consult with an attorney immediately.

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