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Police raid gas station for drugs

In a raid conducted on Aug. 31, the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force searched a Top Star gas station and alleged stash house in Shakopee. Four people were detained when the authorities executed their search warrant.

The gas station is near the Shakopee Police Department on Marshall road, and the stash house is located on Fairbault Court. When searching the two places, the police seized $9,000, two vehicles, 25 grams of THC concentrate and 1.5 pounds of marijuana. The four people involved in this case are suspected for drug possession and sales.

The authorities felt this matter was particularly important because a business was distributing drugs to the community. They hope the gas station will improve after the raid. The police also said that they intend to watch what happens at the gas station going forward.

Many tips were given to the authorities for years about the gas station being a distribution point for drugs. Residents from the area mainly felt like a raid was expected and wondered why it took so long. The authorities conducted an investigation for eight months that involved surveillance and traffic stops when motorists left the gas station.

As mentioned in this story, it can take law enforcement a while to build a case. This is because authorities must follow the proper procedures when investigating a possible crime. A tip may not be enough to establish probable cause in some drug cases. The police must collect enough evidence to warrant a search of a home or business first. If one faces drug charges, an attorney might first establish whether the authorities had cause for a search and seizure.

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