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Facing drug charges as part of a drug cartel

Minnesota residents who are accused of being involved in a drug cartel are particularly at risk for facing serious consequences if they are convicted on charges associated with major crimes. Drug cartels are gangs or organizations that are significantly involved in drug trafficking.

Those accused of being involved in a drug cartel face a number of common charges that may or may not be associated with drug offenses. In addition to drug trafficking and drug possession charges, for example, some members may be accused of murder, money laundering and theft. It is important to note, however, that many members in drug cartels specialize. This means that only certain members may be involved in the drug trafficking ring while others may be involved in gambling or money laundering.

Due to the specialization of many of the member of drug cartels, prosecutors often have to rely on certain strategies as drug cartels can still survive if only some of the members are dealt with. As such, prosecutors rely on conspiracy, a charge that accuses a person of helping another person to commit a crime. Some individuals may also be charged at both the state and federal levels. Finally, managers or other individuals who are accused of giving orders to drug cartel members may be charged under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

Those who are accused of being involved in a gang or organization that deals with drugs could potentially face drug charges even if they have never touched or seen drugs. In some cases, a person not involved in drug crimes could be facing years or even decades in prison, among other legal consequences. A criminal law attorney may mount a defense against the allegations especially if the prosecution does not have strong evidence that the accused person was involved in the alleged activity.

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