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Steve Wilkos' DWI charge will likely be erased

For most Minnesota fans, Steve Wilkos is best known as the former bouncer for the Jerry Springer Show and a TV host in his own right. For some law enforcement officers, Wilkos is best known as a man they took into custody for DWI after his car flipped in a single car accident. Now, it appears he may resolve his DWI arrest without having a conviction on his record.

The story of Wilkos' arrest has taken some twists and turns. Wilkos flipped his car in January, leading to injuries severe enough to cause his show to temporarily stop filming while he recovered. Wilkos' original story was that he was having trouble driving at night and lost control of his vehicle as he was reaching for his eyeglasses. However, it has since come to light that Wilkos was taken into custody by Connecticut police for DWI after the crash. Wilkos reportedly later admitted to the arrest, citing a lack in judgment.

Now, the talk show host seems to be set to avoid another type of judgment. The judge overseeing his DWI case granted Wilkos' motion to enter into a diversionary program. The Stamford Superior Court Judge ordered Wilkos to enter a 15-week educational program and attend a panel of drunk driving victims to have his arrest record erased.

What worked for Wilkos involved a law specific to Connecticut; not every person charged with a DWI in Minnesota may be so lucky. However, a defendant charged with a DWI has the chance of having the charges reduced or even dismissed by talking with an attorney experienced in criminal defense law. It is up to the prosecutor to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If an experienced defense attorney is able to convince a jury that the prosecutor failed to do so, the arrested individual might be acquitted.

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