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Investigation of narcotic sales in St. Cloud leads to 3 arrests

Agents from the Central Minnesota Violent Offender Task Force arrested two women and one man in St. Cloud after investigating the Black P-Stone gang for heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine distribution. The investigation lasted several months. However, drug purchases by undercover agents ultimately enabled law enforcement to obtain a search warrant on Aug. 29 for the residence of a 25-year-old woman.

Police reported finding 40 grams of heroin in a shoebox at her home along with a .45-caliber bullet. Due to her conviction for assault in 2017, she had been banned from possessing firearms or ammunition. A charge for possessing ammunition as a felon accompanied her felony drug possession charge.

According to court records, the other two people arrested had sold drugs on multiple occasions to undercover agents. The 24-year-old man allegedly sold heroin in April and then cocaine in July. Authorities charged him with felony drug sales. Evidence provided to the court about the 29-year-old woman alleged that she sold heroin three times to undercover agents. She now faces three felony charges for drug sales. Investigators suspect more people of participating in the drug distribution activities and could make more arrests.

When the police arrest someone on drug charges, that person will need to make a decision about how to enter a plea in court. The advice of a criminal defense attorney could give the defendant insights about the strength of the evidence in the case. An attorney might recommend seeking a plea deal that might replace jail time with participation in a drug diversion program. If evidence appears questionable or arose from an unlawful search, then an attorney could represent the defendant at a trial and strive to gain an acquittal.

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