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Daz Dillinger faces marijuana charges, reports say

Minnesota fans of musicians Daz Dillinger or Kanye West might be aware of a feud between the two that allegedly led West to take out a restraining order against Dillinger. West may have less to worry about on that account since Dillinger was taken into custody on marijuana-related charges.

The incident occurred outside Dillinger's home in Georgia on Sept. 25. In addition to 117 grams of marijuana, he had a vaporizer, oil, a container of liquid with the label "Cannabis Lean" on it and THC pods. He was charged with one count of possession of more than one ounce of marijuana and 12 counts of possession of a controlled substance. His bond was placed at $15,000.

West and Dillinger's dispute was connected to a lyric in a West song that caused Dillinger to tell the Crips to attack West. Dillinger also made disparaging remarks about West's wife, Kim Kardashian.

Drug charges, including marijuana charges, can have serious consequences. People who are facing these charges might want to talk to an attorney about what steps to take. There are many different circumstances in which a person might face drug charges. For example, law enforcement might suspect that a substance is a drug and detain the person while the substance is sent away for testing. In some cases, the search and seizure might be illegal, and this could lead to the charges being dismissed. In other cases, a person might want to consider a plea bargain. This is a deal with the prosecution that involves bypassing a trial to plead guilty, usually to lesser charges and for a lighter penalty. If the person wants to go to trial, an attorney may be able to help with a defense strategy.

Source: Hot New Hip Hop, "Daz Dillinger Reportedly Arrested For Marijuana Possession," Alex Zidel, 9/26/2018

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