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The basics of drug Manufacturing and cultivation

Manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs is typically a crime in Minnesota and the rest of the United States. The only exception is with marijuana in some states under certain circumstances. Drug manufacturing refers to charges related to any steps taken to produce illegal drugs. Additional charges may apply to individuals who sell certain chemicals and equipment designed to aid in illegal drug production.

Drug manufacturing usually involves felony drug charges that may come with punishments such as extensive fines, prison time and/or probation. If schools or playgrounds are in the area where manufacturing took place prior to discovery of such operations, prison terms and fines may be doubled.

Conviction for manufacturing typically requires proof of possession and intent to manufacture illegal drugs. Some drugs of this nature are also made with substances that are now banned in the U.S. However, possession of those substances may not be enough to pursue a manufacturing charge. But if equipment used to prepare meth is also found at the same time, for example, probable cause for an arrest may exist. Should there be a legitimate reason to use commonly illegal substances or questionable chemicals, a permit or authorization to possess such items is required.

With marijuana, intent to cultivate usually involves more than just possession of seeds. But an arrest may occur if seeds are found along with grow lamps and hydroponic equipment. Marijuana cultivation is also unique in that federal and state laws can vary. For instance, potential federal charges for cultivation of marijuana are similar to other manufacturing charges related to Schedule I drugs. However, some states have exceptions for medical marijuana.

Because drug manufacturing or cultivation can have serious consequences, someone arrested for such charges may want to consult with a lawyer. A criminal defense attorney might be able to raise issues with how confiscated substances and equipment were found.

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