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Facing drug charges? You deserve a solid defense

You were just trying to have a unique experience when you decided to buy drugs. You probably should have been more cautious, though. It turns out that the first person you tried to buy from had connections to the authorities.

It wasn't much after that when an officer approached you and arrested you for buying drugs. Now, you're facing drug charges with a possibility of heavy fines and imprisonment. You just want to go back to how things were before; you only made a single mistake.

It's important for you to talk to your attorney about the specifics of your case and to talk about the potential to go through a drug diversion program. This kind of program may allow you to get the treatment you need for drug or alcohol abuse as well as to show that you're willing to do what it takes to correct your actions without being ordered to do so.

Does Minnesota have a drug diversion program?

Yes, it does. There are options such as entering into drug addiction treatment or diversionary programs that can help you minimize the damage to your reputation and the impact of the charges or conviction on your life.

Seeking drug addiction treatment, if necessary, can help you show the court that you are willing to work on yourself and put effort into a positive change. This can improve your ability to negotiate, and in some cases, to have charges dropped.

Our website has more on drug charges and what you may be able to do if you want to minimize the damage.

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