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Driving for a ride share? Be careful about drugs in your vehicle

Throughout the state, drug busts happen often. The authorities take pride in being able to track drugs and finding those who would sell or distribute them.

You were just driving for a ride-sharing service when an officer pulled you over. You knew that your passenger seemed odd, but you knew there would be trouble when the officer said they recognized them. What started out as a traffic stop for speeding has now become a drug investigation.

This is particularly concerning to you because you're now being accused of possessing drugs and transporting someone with them. That isn't fair, but it is sometimes how the authorities work. Now, what do you do?

It is a smart idea to talk to the law enforcement officer only after you discuss the situation with your attorney. From the start, you should state that you're working as a driver and that you don't know the other person. Other than that, it's time to talk to your attorney and to put together a defense.

It is, unfortunately, true that being an Uber or Lyft driver means that you're going to come into contact with people who want to use your services for illegal actions. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take steps to make sure your vehicle is clean and that you keep your interactions with passengers recorded for your own safety.

If a passenger in your vehicle who is in possession of illegal drugs gets caught with the drugs during a traffic stop, get experienced legal assistance as soon as possible. You may have more trouble than you realize.

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