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What should you know about a Minnesota ignition interlock device?

In Minnesota, it's not a great idea to drink and drive. The DWI laws have been strengthened. As a result, you could face serious penalties if you decide to drink and drive.

Take for example what happens if you're arrested at twice the legal limit or higher. For those who test with a blood alcohol concentration of .16% or higher on a first offense, an ignition interlock device (IID) will be required for up to two years. Second-time offenders will also be required to use those devices regardless of their BAC.

The good thing about the IID is that it allows those who have been convicted of drunk driving to drive again immediately. Those who are eligible for the IID may regain partial or full driving privileges so long as they are not a danger to themselves or others and have a valid license.

Another interesting change in the law is that the loss of driving privileges has been doubled for many DWI offenses, but the IID counteracts that loss.

What should you expect if you have to get an IID?

The ignition interlock device is a device that tests your breath each time you drive and sometimes while you're driving. Retests while driving, known as rolling retests, ask you to blow into the device a few minutes after starting the vehicle. Interestingly, Minnesota also requires you to use a camera to record each and every test to verify accuracy.

If you're accused of a DWI, it's a good idea to defend yourself. While you may not end up losing your driving privileges, it's still not an offense that you want on your record.

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