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Drug Crimes

A drug charge can come out of nowhere — hanging out a party, having your house searched without your consent, or even if you have never touched drugs before. I am defense attorney Anthony Bussa, and I can help you successfully defend against drug charges if you are accused of a crime.

There are five degrees of Minnesota drug crimes with fifth-degree being the least severe and first-degree being the most severe. Nearly all prescription-type medications taken without a valid prescription, and all drugs like marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and other stimulants and hallucinogens, are illegal drugs that constitute Minnesota drug crimes. If a person possesses (other than marijuana) or sells any amount, including residue, of an illegal drug, that person can be charged with a felony.

Fighting Drug Charges

There are many defenses to these offenses such as constitutional challenges to the search, the seizure, the search warrant, or the execution of the search warrant. There may also be challenges to the quantity and quality of the alleged illegal drug; the information provided by an informant about a person’s possession of a drug; or whether a person knowingly possessed the drug.

These issues are highly complex and require the attention of a practiced drug defense attorney. I have been trying serious drug cases for years, and have a history of success securing the best possible outcome for clients.

It is also my job to try to minimize the effects that these charges will have on your life and give you the tools and guidance you need to move on. Often, we are able to discuss alternatives such as treatment, rehabilitation or diversionary programs. These can have a positive impact on both a legal and personal level, improving our position to negotiate with the prosecution and putting you on a path to a better life.

I know how the prosecutor in your case will try to secure a guilty verdict, and I will launch an aggressive defense that forces them to prove their case against you. Drug cases often involve complex evidentiary issues and certain constitutional rights, so it is critical that your attorney knows how to investigate every possible defense.

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Drug laws are tough, but so am I. To begin protecting your rights and interests in the face of drug charges, please call 218-303-5497 or contact me online.