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Restoring Your Gun Rights Is Possible, But Complex

Enlisting Our Legal Counsel Ensures You Present The Strongest Possible Case

Federal and state laws prohibit certain people from possessing firearms, sometimes for life. Often, this is the result of a conviction of a violent crime or a drug crime. Even conviction of a misdemeanor domestic assault charge can result in the revocation of your right to own and possess firearms.

If you find yourself in this situation, Bussa Law is ready to help you get your gun rights restored. Relief from revocation of your gun rights may involve a judicial challenge, or a petition to restore rights following a felony conviction.

Receiving a permit to carry a concealed firearm is a separate process. The standards for a conceal and carry permit are more strict than permits for possession. Bussa Law can assist in your pursuit of a permit to carry a handgun in public. Call 218-303-5497.

Why Hiring A Lawyer Makes Sense

Some people attempt to navigate the restoration of their firearms permit without hiring a lawyer. You should know it’s not uncommon for gun rights restoration cases to be aggressively opposed by prosecutors and law enforcement authorities. Knowing whether your gun rights have been revoked and how to restore them also gets complicated because it can involve both state and federal laws.

In order to have your gun rights restored, you must be released from physical confinement and show that “good cause” exists. This may include employment that requires possession of a firearm (such as a security guard or enrollment in the military), or for hunting reasons.

It is also important to note that if a person who is convicted of a felony violent crime has his or her application to have gun rights restored denied, that person is prohibited from applying to the court again for three years. Clearly, it is critical to get this right the first time.

Ready To Help

We are ready to help you navigate the process of restoring your gun rights. Call or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We will answer your questions and provide a candid assessment of what you can expect.

We represent clients throughout northern and western Minnesota from our office in Fergus Falls. Consultations can be completed over the phone, and we routinely appear in courts in more than 20 Minnesota counties.