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Pre-Charge Representation

Most people would agree that it’s better to avoid a problem in the first place than to resolve it down the road. At Bussa Law in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, I provide proactive, forward-looking criminal defense services to help minimize the impact of criminal allegations on my clients’ lives.

Because sex crimes are so serious and sensitive, law enforcement officials often take the word of the alleged victim when developing their reports and passing on information to prosecutors. Often, these reports are inaccurate or incomplete. This can have disastrous effects for defendants, who are fighting an uphill battle from the moment they are accused.

When clients contact me promptly, I can conduct an investigation independently of the police. By speaking to witnesses, uncovering critical evidence or simply clearing up misunderstandings with law enforcement, it may be possible to have a case dropped before a charge is even filed.
Proactive defense results in a stronger cases and, often, a superior result. Taking swift action allows to start building your defense right away, like a wall against the avalanche of a criminal investigation.

Take Your Defense By The Horns. Contact Bussa Law.

If you have been arrested, questioned or charged in connection to a sex crime, do not talk to the police without speaking to an attorney first. Speaking with law enforcement or prosecutors before your lawyer may have serious implications for your case and weaken your defense.

Please call 218-303-5497 or contact me via email at the first indication that you may be implicated in a crime. From my office in Fergus Falls, I provide responsive, aggressive defense to clients throughout central and western Minnesota.