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Domestic Violence Charges

Allegations of domestic violence are often extremely damaging, carrying both criminal and ancillary penalties that can affect virtually all areas of a defendant’s life. Depending on the circumstances, a charge of domestic violence may result in:

  • Prison time
  • A criminal record
  • The loss of your right to own a weapon
  • A domestic violence no-contact order that may prevent you from seeing your loved ones or even entering your own home

I am Anthony Bussa, a practiced attorney dedicated exclusively to defending individuals accused of crimes in Minnesota. At Bussa Law in Fergus Falls, I help my clients minimize the consequences of domestic violence allegations including spousal and child abuse charges.

Even if the accusations against you are dropped or proven false, these consequences can have a lasting impact. I will immediately begin investigating and developing a strategy to get ahead of the allegations and protect your interests.

While I am protecting your legal rights in negotiations or trial, I also work with you personally to develop a plan for your future. My goal is to improve your life during the immediate resolution of your case and in the long run.

Take Your Defense By The Horns. Contact Bussa Law.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, things are not going to get better on their own. Do not wait for your situation to get worse; take control of your case by speaking with a knowledgeable defense lawyer with experience handling cases like yours.

I am available to clients 24-7 so you are never facing this struggle alone. To begin protecting your rights and developing a plan for your defense, I encourage you to contact me at 218-303-5497.